Resources for organizations

Find resources and helpful advice for arts organizations about governance, financial accountability, and strategic planning.

Governance principles for organizations

To receive operating funding, the AFA requires organizations to follow basic standards of governance practice. We describe these practices as a series of principles for organizational sustainability:

When you apply for operating funding, you will need to include a statement signed by the Chair confirming that each of your organization’s Board members active at the time of application have signed the Statement of Governance Principles:

We require your organization's entire Board to review the Statement of Governance Principles and sign off on them. Use this form (PDF) to gather their signatures. Retain this form in case the AFA requests it for review.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this requirement for your funding application.

Introduction to governance principles for organizations

To supplement the governance principles for organizations agreement, our staff has developed a self-teaching PowerPoint tool to help your Board's directors gain a better understanding of what these principles mean and how to develop strategies to implement them:

Please contact us if you wish to discuss setting up a workshop with staff about improving your organization's governance policies.

Reporting your financial information

Many arts organizations that receive funding from the AFA report their financial information through CADAC (Canadian Arts Data / Données sur les arts au Canada), using CADAC Common Financial Form.

Reporting financial information through CADAC is a requirement for operational funding for:

Fair Notice Policy

In times of fiscal difficulties, the AFA Fair Notice Policy outlines our system of assessments that we use to ensure operational funding clients are taking appropriate steps to return to sustainable practices.

This policy is designed to both protect the integrity of the AFA's operational funding program for all arts organizations, but also to give guidance to organizations experiencing difficulties and provide a reasonable opportunity to remedy them. 

We highly encourage organizations to communicate with our staff if they have any concerns about upcoming fiscal years. We are here to help.

Additional resources for organizations

The Government of Alberta offers a Board Development Program for not-for-profit organizations to help improve governance practices. The program includes training workshops, consultation and presentation services.

Volunteer Alberta is a member association that serves not-for-profit organizations that has a number of resources to support Board development.