Frequently asked questions for new AFA applicants

Find information and answers to questions we frequently hear about AFA Individual Artist Project Grants.

If you have never applied for an AFA grant, here is some great information to help you start thinking about what kind of project you would like to apply for funding.

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Who can apply for AFA grants?

Learn more about who AFA individual project grant programs are for, and more about "Principal Artists."

What kind of grant can I apply for through the AFA?

Find out about AFA grants available to individuals, and learn more about artistic disciplines, including multi- or interdisciplinary projects.

What are eligible expenses?

Learn more about what generally can be included as an eligible expense in your project application.

Does AFA provide grants for artists' development?

Yes. You can apply to the AFA to support your professional development, including training and career development, and for research projects. Learn more about grants for training and professional development, and grants for research. 

After you have reviewed general information about project funding opportunities for individuals, you may be ready to start preparing a grant applicantion. If so, check out our application writing tips for individual artists

Some resources listed above are based in part from stakeholder feedback the AFA received during engagement.