Special programs

AFA funding can also be used to develop innovative partnerships and to support one-time opportunities.

As a responsive arts funding organization, we will support special programs beyond grant funding opportunities that help develop different facets of Alberta's arts community.

Alberta's Future Leaders

The Alberta’s Future Leaders (AFL) program collaborates with Indigenous communities in Alberta to provide a multi-summer youth program. Youth are engaged through sport, arts, recreation, leadership and cultural activities facilitated by mentors living and working in the community. Host communities invite AFL mentor to learn about their culture and history and to facilitate meaningful, positive experiences for youth.  

AFA 25th anniversary

On September 6, 2016, we marked the 25th anniversary of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Act, 1991 which established the AFA as the means for the Government of Alberta to support the arts in Alberta.

To commemorate our anniversary, we initiated programs and funding opportunities designed to engage and celebrate our arts community!