Teacher lesson plans

In 2014, we developed lesson plans for elementary and secondary school teachers based on artworks included in the AFA collection. Browse lesson plans, sorted by division, and download PDF copies for your school.

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The below lesson plans were developed through a partnership with the Alberta Teachers' Association Fine Arts Council.

Division 1 lesson plans

Grades 1-3 Language Arts

"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" – Students use the “five senses” method when approaching artwork to create better understanding and to express themselves more fully. Students write poetry to help creatively express their ideas.

Download "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" lesson plan.

Grades 2 and 4 Social Studies

"Our Land, Our Story" – Students examine artwork about the prairies and ask questions that relate back to the grades 2 and 4 social studies curriculum.

Download "Our Land, Our Story" lesson plan

Division 2 lesson plans

Grades 3 and 4 Science/Language Arts

"Did You Ever See a Tree Snoop?" – Students create a 3D mixed media sculpture based on their interpretation of what a Tree Snoop is. Students expand on their abilities to depict and express an idea.

Download "Did You Ever See a Tree Snoop?" lesson plan

Grade 4 Language Arts

"Creating Emphasis" – By using collage techniques, students learn how to create emphasis and better understand the composition of artworks. Lesson plan includes student self-assessment.

Download "Creating Emphasis" lesson plan

Grades 4-6 Language Arts

"Do You See What I See?" – By teaching students the difference between “critical viewing” and “looking at” an artwork, they will better be able to understand how to approach visual art. Students can also apply this technique to everyday situations and surroundings.

Download "Do You See What I See?" lesson plan

Grades 5 and 6 Language Arts

"Fantasy Landscapes" – By examining artworks by Margaret Shelton, students create their own fantasy landscape using learned techniques. Lesson plan includes student self-assessment.

Download "Fantasy Landscapes" lesson plan

"Painting a Prairie Landscape" – Students examine natural forms and space in a landscape in order to create their own prairie landscape.

Download "Painting a Prairie Landscape" lesson plan

Division 3 lesson plans

Grade 7 Art

"Alex Janvier" – Students apply visual, analytical and critical skills for art making. Designed to help students develop a better understanding of the reflection of art on to culture.

Download "Alex Janvier" lesson plan

"Colour Theory" – After looking at colour effects and emotion in art, students will create 2-4 separate art pieces. Designed to help students discover how colour affects the way we look at art.

Download "Colour Theory" lesson plan

Division 4 lesson plans

Grade 10 Art

"Realism to Abstraction" – Students investigate the term Abstract Art, identify abstract art paintings and create an abstract drawing from a still life.

Download "Realism to Abstraction" lesson plan

"Watercolour Techniques" – Students learn basic watercolour techniques and create a painting from a still life. Designed to help students expand their knowledge of the elements and principles of design, use art criticism vocabulary, and combine description, expression and cognition in the process.

Download "Watercolour Techniques" lesson plan