Application for purchase

We operate two competitive programs dedicated to the purchase of new Alberta artwork

  • the art acquisitions by application program for individual artists
  • the public art commission program for eligible not-for-profit organizations (currently paused)

Art acquisitions by application

The AFA Art Collection is the only art collection dedicated solely to Alberta art. This program is designed to acquire contemporary works of art by any eligible Alberta artist.

The annual deadline to apply for this program is June 1. Please note that submissions to this program are accepted from individual artists, ensembles of artists or from an artist’s gallery/agent.

Apply to have your artwork considered through the art acquisitions by application program.

Public art commission

This program provides funding to not-for-profit organizations in support of the creation of original works by Albertan artists designed for long-term display in public spaces. Once a Public Art Commission project is completed, the artwork becomes part of the AFA Art Collection.

Note: the program remains paused as the AFA continues to analyze the previously completed scheduled review of this program and next steps. Learn more.


Please note that for both of these acquisition funding programs, only artwork by core artists will considered for acquisition.

Core artists are defined as having made a significant contribution to the development of the visual arts in Alberta through consistent creation, regular exhibition and through the development of a particular subject matter or aesthetic concern over time.

To be designated as core, artists are required to meet three mandatory criteria:

  • Alberta residency
  • superior artistic achievement
  • artistic recognition

Learn more about AFA curatorial criteria and development policies.