Extended loans

An extended loan is a long-term loan of an artwork from the AFA Art Collection to an external client. Extended loan projects are generally (but not always) site specific, large-scale artworks that require special infrastructure or arrangements. 

While installing an extended loan may require significant investment, each artwork remains a permanent part of the AFA Art Collection, and we hold responsibility for their care and maintenance. Extended loans strengthen AFA partnerships with organizations in our community.

What is required?

Extended loans are not limited to large-scale artworks or sculptures, and technically can be applied to any artwork in our collection. Essentially, an extended loan allows the recipient to hold the work for at least five years without review of the loan agreement.

The loan agreement and associated contributions required by an organization seeking to partner with the AFA can vary widely. Extended loans may require significant investments by the partner organization(s) in infrastructure to hold the artwork.

How can I approach the AFA for an extended loan?

If you have project or specific artwork in mind, please contact the AFA to make a preliminary inquiry. We're always happy to chat about new opportunities.