Does AFA provide grants for artists' development?

Yes, you can apply to the AFA to support your professional development, including training and career development, and for research projects. Learn more about these opportunities.

It is not unusual for artists to also have careers and jobs within the arts sector or in arts administration. If a development opportunity is related specifically to your position with your employer – and not to your own artistic practice – then it is not eligible for an AFA project grant application.

Are there AFA grants available for research?

Yes, individual project grant programs support artistic activities in research.

Research includes a program of activity for a specific period of time that supports or can result in the development of an artistic project.

If your research does result in a potential project, you can apply to the AFA again for an art production (artistic and cultural creation) individual project grant to support it.

Application tip - research projects

When outlining the objectives of your activity, consider some of the following questions:

  • Does your research activity include experimentation in, and exploration of new techniques and materials?
  • Are you consulting with other people, groups and sources as support for the creation of new work?
  • How will this research support your growth as an artist?

Are there AFA grants for career and training opportunities?

Yes, individual project grant programs support artistic activities in training and career development that are directly related to your development as an artist. This includes enrollment in a course or program of study designed to support your artistic development.

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • workshops
  • master classes
  • retreats
  • mentorship programs
  • professional development
  • professional courses

Application tip - training

In your application, when outlining the objectives of your activity, consider some of the following questions:

  • Why have you chosen this program?
  • Why is this particular program important to your artistic development? 
  • What specific details about the training/career development opportunity will be most beneficial to your artistic practice and your career?

If you are requesting funds for training or career development, Expert Panels often expect you to contribute towards the project costs. If you are requesting AFA support for the entire project, provide a strong rationale for why in your detailed project description.

Artists applying for funding to support training or career development in dance or theatre are required to submit audition videos to support their applications.

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After you have reviewed general information about project funding opportunities for individuals, you may be ready to start preparing a grant applicantion. If so, check out our application writing tips for individual artists