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Browse our funding opportunities to discover how AFA funding can support your personal artistic practice or your organization's arts programming or projects.

Artists and Education Funding

Deadline: Apr 1/20

This funding subsidizes fees of Alberta artists that provide arts residency projects for grades K-12

Arts Presenting Project Funding

Deadline: Dec 2/19

Funding supporting the public presentation of professional artists by reimbursing a portion of fees.

Community Performing Arts Organizations Operating Funding

Deadline: Oct 1/20

Funding for not-for-profit community orgs that self-create and produce performing art productions.

Community Support Organizations Operating Funding

Deadline: Mar 2/20

Annual funding for not-for-profit community organizations that provide arts programs and services.

Cultural Relations Organization Project Funding

Deadline: Dec 31/19

Funding to support art presentations that have been formally invited to present outside of Alberta.

Indigenous Arts Projects for Organizations

Deadline(s): Nov 1/19, May 1/20

Funding for First Nations, Métis Settlements, and not-for-profit orgs for Indigenous Arts projects.

Major Arts Presenters Operating Funding

Deadline: Apr 1/22

Three-year funding for professional arts organizations that produce large-scale public presentations

Organizations: Arts Project Funding

Deadline(s): Dec 2/19, Jun 1/20

This funding assists not-for-profit organizations by providing funding for a specific arts project.

Professional Performing Arts Organizations Operating Funding

Deadline: Nov 1/19

Three-year funding to professional organizations that create and produce performing art productions.

Provincial Arts Service Organizations Operating Funding

Deadline: Feb 1/21

Three-year funding for member-based orgs who provide educational, promotional, and advocacy services

Public Art Commissions

Deadline: Oct 1/20

This funding assists organizations to administer and commission a specific public art project.

Public Art Galleries Operating Funding

Deadline: Apr 1/21

Three-year funding for professional organizations to program and display exhibitions of visual arts.

Summer School Project Funding

Deadline: Jul 15/20

This funding supports organizations in delivering residence-based art summer schools.