You can join an AFA expert panel!

Date: Jul 26, 2023

Did you know that you can apply to join an expert panel for the AFA?

We encourage expert panel nominations from Albertans to ensure the involvement of the arts community in AFA funding decisions. Anyone may nominate a potential expert panel member, including themselves.

To join an expert panel you must:

Who selects an expert panel?

Expert panels are assembled as needed by Arts Branch staff. Assembled review panels are reflective of the expertise required for each set of applications and to promote adequate representation of diverse perspectives, including:

  • artists in various stages of their career
  • artists from different locations around the province
  • different gender identities
  • Indigenous artists
  • culturally diverse artists
  • Francophone artists
  • Deaf artists and artists with disabilities

Compensation for expert panel members

Expert panel members are paid in accordance with established AFA rates for service.

Panel members are paid a reading fee for each application reviewed and a daily rate for participation during the expert panel sessions.

Learn more about expert panels and the adjudication process