Compensation Disclosure

Alberta public sector bodies are required to post online the names and compensation paid to:

  • all board members
  • employees who earn over $135,317

As an agency of the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) complies with this legislation by providing information about compensation provided to members of its Board of Directors.

Please note:

Members of the AFA Board are not paid a salary for this work, but do receive honoraria for attending meetings. Board members are eligible to be reimbursed for expenses claimed to attend meetings. All other work contributed is provided on a voluntary basis. 

Members of the AFA Board do not sign a contract with the Foundation or the Government of Alberta, but are appointed via Order in Council. There is no severance agreement, nor is severance compensation provided at the end of their terms or if a term is ended prematurely.

The AFA does not have any employees. Administrative, consultative and technical support is provided by the Government of Alberta. 

Name Position   Year   Compensation*  Other*  Severance*
Rozsa de Coquet, Mary Chair 2020 $3,751.50  $0.00  $0.00
Baay, Paul R. Vice Chair 2020 $3,191.00  $0.00  $0.00
Oddie, Liam Chair 2020 $1,560.00  $0.00  $0.00
Petryshyn, Luca Vice Chair 2020 $2,834.00  $0.00  $0.00
Bharwani, Aleem Director 2020 $1,274.00  $0.00  $0.00
Edmundson, Jane Director 2020 $656.00  $0.00  $0.00
Hook, Candace Director 2020 $2,510.00  $0.00  $0.00
Jackson, Tom Director 2020 $2,611.00  $0.00  $0.00
Kiss, Peter Director 2020 $0.00  $0.00  $0.00
Leong-Huxley, Jamesina Director 2020 $656.00  $0.00  $0.00
Malik, Nabil Director 2020 $4,408.00  $0.00  $0.00
McCormick, Cameron Director 2020 $656.00  $0.00  $0.00
Morin, Christy Director 2020 $656.00  $0.00  $0.00
Turner, Helen Director 2020 $656.00  $0.00  $0.00
Warwick, Ian Director 2020 $984.00  $0.00  $0.00

Download .csv (includes compensation for 2015-2020 calendar years)

* Compensation – Includes regular salary and percentage in lieu of benefits.
* Other – Includes benefits or any other monetary remuneration provided by the agency that is not included in compensation and/ or is paid as a non-taxable allowance.
* Severance – any remuneration paid or payable to employee or member in lieu of, or supplementary to, notice of termination of employment or appointment, or after permanent termination of employment/appointment/status as a member.

Posting the above information is a requirement under the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, which applies to:

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