70% of Albertans attend arts events

Date: Sep 21, 2023

September is Month of the Artist in Alberta. Alberta is the first and remains the only province in Canada to dedicate a month to artists. It is an annual celebration of artists, and the value they bring to the province, both socially and economically.

Results from the Government of Alberta’s Survey of Albertans show that Albertans value the arts and that arts activities make an impact on their communities.

In 2022-23, 70.3% of Albertans attended arts and culture activities and 54% participated in arts activities.

The survey also indicates that 76.3% of Albertans feel that arts and culture that arts and culture activities make their community a better place to live.

Activity and Event Attendance:

  • 70.3% of Albertans attended arts and culture activities or events in the past 12 months.
  • 61.7% of Albertans attended a live performance, including musical performances (45.1%), theatrical performances (35.2%), and dance performances (14.1%).
  • 34.9% of Albertans attended a visual arts event, including visiting art galleries and studios (25.8%).
  • 33% of Albertans attended an arts and culture festival or fair, including cultural performances and events (21.1%) and community arts (16.7%).

Activity and Training Participation

  • 54% of Albertans participated in arts activities or training in the past 12 months.
  • 36.9% of Albertans participated in the visual arts, including painting (16.3%), crafting (14.7%), and photography (14.3%).
  • 24.9% participating in the performing arts, including singing (12.9%), playing a musical instrument (12.6%), and dancing (10.6%).

The Survey of Albertans is an annual survey on Albertans’ perceptions of various topics, including arts and culture.

Read the full report on the Government of Alberta’s website.

Published on the AFA website (AFA News) September 21, 2023