Work of the Week: World Book and Copyright Day

Date: Apr 22, 2022

Every year on April 23, World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated to encourage enjoyment of reading books. Our featured artwork by Audrey Mabee says it all: there is "no such thing as too many books."

The artwork was acquired in 2009 through AFA's Art Acquisitions by Application program.

About the Artist:

Audrey Mabee enjoys experimentation with colour and space. Her work has been influenced primarily by artists with a unique drawing style, such as Modigliani. The strong colours of Hundertwasser and Matisse, the fantasies of Chagall and the exquisite patterns of Klimt have also been a major influence for her.

The subjects and colours she uses are intended to make you feel good and smile when you first look at her work. If you find something in them that also makes you think and wonder, all the better.

Image description

In the center of the artwork, a red haired woman is organizing items on the grey table in a room filled with varied colors of books stacked on five shelves on a bookshelf behind her. She is wearing a long sleeved, red shirt and purple vest, where the vest looks like aisles of colorful books. On the table is a beige table lamp with light on shining on the pink tulip, large green mat and an opened book. 

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