Work of the Week: "Revenant Portrait No. 5 Locked Doors" by Karrie Arthurs

Date: Oct 30, 2020

This week’s Work of the Week is Revenant Portrait No. 5 Locked Doors by Calgary artist Karrie Arthurs.

About the Artist: Karrie Arthurs

Karrie Arthurs is a Calgary-based artist who works with paper and ink. A long-time tattoo artist, Karrie says her two artistic practices influence one another—almost melding together.

For several years, she has sourced and collected a large amount of “antique” paper, envelopes, documents, portraits etc., some dating 150 years old or more. This is the material she incorporates into her art - drawing on it with ink, charcoal and chalk primarily.

You can learn more about Karrie Arthurs and her artistic practice in her Alberta Artist Profile on our website.

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