Celebrating Black History Month

Date: Feb 14, 2024

February is Black History Month. A month of remembrance, recognition, celebration and honouring of black Canadians. One of the many ways to take part in Black History Month is through the arts. 

Take the time to engage with the work of black creatives who, in their own mediums, create platforms for us to reflect on the history, accomplishments and contributions of black people in Canada. 

The AFA is pleased to feature artwork for the AFA Art Collection recently acquired through the AFA's Art Acquisition by Application program. 

Artwork from Simone Saunders and AJA Louden were acquired in 2023 and both were selected as Work of the Week in recognition of Black History Month 2024.

Celebrating Black History Month 

Access the Government of Alberta's "Black History Month - Events search" if you are looking for Black History Month events in your community.