Work of the Week: Pendulum by Ukainian artist Oksana Movchan

Date: Mar 11, 2022

Pendulum intends to show a personal story about healing by using intuitive and symbolic language, which can be interpreted in many different ways by different viewers, depending on how they relate to it.

Oksana Movchan's goal is to create an environment that resonates with viewers in ways that help them to open up and look deeper inside. Her aim for the artwork is to be a guide and facilitator for the process of healing. Art has a way of inspiring people to explore their real but perhaps unknown ability to build or change their own future. 

Did you know? Alberta is home to more than 345,000 people of Ukrainian descent. Ukrainian Albertans have contributed immensely to our province’s communities and culture.

Hundreds of thousands of Albertans of Ukrainian origin help build and enrich our province. Ukrainian art can be one thing to help bring us together and lift our spirits during this challenging time.

About the artist

Oksana Movchan studied in Kyiv, Ukraine and obtained a bachelors, masters and doctorate. Throughout her career, she has been working in various fields and medias including printmaking, painting, public art and as a glass artist.

Her artwork investigates personal memory, metaphor, cultural iconography and history through poetic narrative and abstract storytelling. Her artwork has exhibited nationally and internationally in various public and private collections, including the AFA Art Collection.

Art Acquisitions by Application

Pendulum was acquired by the AFA through the Art Acquisitions by Application program.

The next deadline is April 1! Check out the guidelines if you’re interested in submitting your artwork to have it be considered for acquisition to the AFA Art Collection.

Image description

The abstract artwork displays numerous hair-like coils woven in different geometric shapes around a black and grey pendulum in the centre of the image with a grey ball swinging side to side. The coils are twisted together on either side of the pendulum in different shades of grey, silver, brown and gold.