Work of the Week: "Good Dog" by Lori Lukasewich

Date: Aug 28, 2020

We can't let this week end without celebrating National Dog Day, which was on August 26, so this week's Work of the Week is Good Dog by Lori Lukasewich!

About the Artist: Lori Lukasewich

Lori Lukasewich has been painting and exhibiting since 1984. She often paints intimate scenes with domestic objects, like a porcelain figure or a silver tea set. In this age of immediacy and urgency, her work slows things down and contemplates stillness and focus, and reflects on perceptions of value, particularly on domesticity and the woman’s role in creating a home. She shines a light on the beauty of everyday home life as a common and necessary antidote to the difficulties and stress of the modern-day world.

Lukasewich paints in oils and alkyd mediums, using modified traditional techniques of underpainting, overpainting and glazing. While clearly influenced by realism and the painting techniques of the Old Masters, her work owes more of a debt to the practice of meditation. Her realist paintings often express an ethereal light and singular focus that is at once calming and pleasurable.

Lukasewich studied art at the Alberta College of Art and Design (now the Alberta University of the Arts), and has applied her skills to painting, graphic arts, jewelry design, palaeontological restoration, and film and television. She has also written and illustrated three children’s books.

Lukasewich has been teaching painting for 20 years, much of that time in the Extended Studios program at the Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts). She has exhibited extensively, and her work can be found in many public and private collections.

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