Work of the Week | "David Thompson Country" by Alvina Green

Date: Apr 30, 2021

This week’s Work of the Week is David Thompson Country by Alvina Green.

Alberta’s David Thompson Country is named after the explorer and cartographer, David Thompson, who mapped Canada from the Great Lakes to the Pacific in the early 19th century and was born on this day in 1770.

David Thompson Country is located in west central Alberta and encompasses Rocky Mountain House, the village of Caroline, Clearwater County and the hamlet of Nordegg in western Clearwater County. It is an outdoor lovers’ paradise offering incredible opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, camping and more!

Check out the available outdoor activities offered in David Thompson Country through Alberta Parks.

About the Artist: Alvina Green (1934-2014)

Artist Alvina Green painted in oils and acrylics. She began her art studies at the Department of Extension of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Alberta and continued annually to grow her skills while working as an art instructor in communities across Alberta.

Her oil/canvas board landscape David Thompson Country, shown here, celebrates a grey-blue rocky knoll comforting a community of mosses and lichens, while rising behind is an elder assembly of vibrant evergreen interrupted by the skeletons of their siblings; behind them all loom cold and distant mountains that are macrocosm to the knoll of the foreground.

Green participated in exhibitions, including at Canadiana Galleries, Oxford Galleries, and Fireweed Gallery in Edmonton. Her works live in many private collections, and in the collections of the Canadian National Institute of the Blind and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Alvina Green lived in St. Albert; she was a member of Federation of Canadian Artists.

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