Work of the Week: Borrowed Power by Joane Cardinal-Schubert

Date: Jan 27, 2023

This week we spotlight Dr. Joane Cardinal-Schubert's artwork, Borrowed Power. Cardinal-Schubert's piece will be featured in David Garneau's exhibition Métissagepresented at the University of Calgary's Nickle Galleries.

About the art

Artist David Garneau requested the loan of Cardinal-Schubert's Borrowed Power to honour the late artist for her role as a mentor and influence in his life. Garneau's exhibition runs from February 2 - April 22, 2023.

This particular piece is featured in the 1994 documentary, Hands of History, where Cardinal-Schubert is filmed creating the artwork. Cardinal-Schubert is one of four contemporary female artists featured in the documentary which explores the role Indigenous women fulfill in nurturing Indigenous cultures.

Borrowed Power can be viewed in the AFA’s Virtual Museum, alongside a number of Joane's artworks held in the AFA collection. 

About the artist

Joane's legacy extends beyond her work as an artist. She played a vital role in establishing new relationships between the AFA and Indigenous artists within Alberta.

Helping to diversify the AFA's holdings in its art collection, her work lead to the acquisition of artwork from artists like Alex Janvier, George Littlechild, and Cardinal-Schubert herself.

Read more about the legacy of Joane Cardinal-Schubert and her impact on the AFA Art Collection.  

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