Art Acquisition by Application Expert Panel comments

June 1, 2023 deadline
General Expert Panel comments 

Comments made by the expert panel during its assessment of the applications submitted to the June 1, 2023 Art Acquisition by Application program include:

  • The expert panel would like to thank the artists for participating in the program. By submitting to the program, artists contribute to the continuing development of Alberta’s cultural legacy. Every submission, whether successful or not, makes a valuable contribution to the selection process, demonstrates the health of the program, and assists with future planning for the collection.
  • Applicants are encouraged to mention the logistics of installation, particularly if works are meant to be interactive, if specific technological requirements are necessary for viewing (and include them), or if a particular configuration is necessary to carry out the artist’s vision.
  • Applicants are encouraged to consider the ethics of image reuse (appropriation) and the consent of the subject.
  • When writing the artist’s statements, applicants are encouraged to consider how they relate to the work submitted. The expert panel is looking for a balance between general description of the concept that underpins the work and the specific description of the work, but the statement should be clear, direct, and succinct.
  • The expert panel and AFA staff consider the long-term conservation needs of the materials and supports of the artworks considered. Applicants are encouraged to note if the frame or support is an integral part of the work.
  • Applicants are encouraged to follow the specified naming conventions for image files when uploading to GATE Front Office to ensure that the correct artworks are viewed with applications.

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