Work of the Week: Lotus Lamp – Tiffany

Date: Feb 26, 2018

The Work of the Week for February 26 - March 5, 2018 is Lotus Lamp – Tiffany by Wendy Tokaryk, part of the Doilies Series.

The artist discusses the Doilies Series:

“Printing is a performative approach to image making; the relief prints in the Doilies Series were created from textiles, cut, inked, composed, and printed on the etching press. The imagery explores interiors, adornment, ceremony and iconography. Lace trim, hand crocheted doilies, window curtains, valances and decorative appliques are cut, reassembled, and composed to create symbolic imagery.

The prints create a narrative that relates a mid-life woman examining her choices, reflecting on her experiences, and contemplating the future. A wedding cake, ring, mirror, bouquets, a floral canopy, and still lives conjure the cultural practices that underpin craft based arts. The mediums within printmaking have roots in craft history, cooperative and communal activities, apprenticeships, guilds, and grass roots movements.

Craft practices are significant activities because they offer the opportunity for introspection, community building, and knowledge sharing. The Doilies Series is present-day folk art and reflects my current research in printmaking and contemporary Arts and Crafts practices.”

Wendy Tokaryk is a visual artist originally from Saskatoon, SK whose practice is dedicated to contemporary printmaking and papermaking. She obtained a BFA from University of Saskatchewan and completed an MFA in printmaking from University of Calgary. Her work explores print media through expanded and experimental approaches. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, and has produced curatorial exhibitions and projects dedicated to print media.

Wendy currently lives in Banff, Alberta where she works at The Banff Centre as the Printmaking & Papermaking Facilitator for Visual + Digital Arts. Her practice includes installation, animation, and the use of print and paper as the material basis for her work.

Throughout March 2018, we featured artwork acquired in 2017 from the Art Acquisitions by Application (AAA) program. See an overview of all artwork acquired in 2017 through AAA. AAA is designed to acquire contemporary works of art by any eligible Alberta artist. The annual deadline is April 1st. View application guidelines.

The AFA acquired four artworks in the Doilies Series through AAA in 2017. You can see the other works from this series currently in our collection in the AFA Virtual Museum. Wendy Tokaryk had not been represented in the collection prior to these acquisitions.

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