Here & Now - Michael Magnussen

Date: Apr 16, 2024

About the artwork

The work is an inkjet print from a series and was created to allow the work to be shown without the physical mask.

This artwork is included in the Here & Now exhibition at the Royal Alberta Museum until September 29, 2024. Learn more about the exhibition.

The AFA acquired this artwork through its Art Acquisition by Application program in 2023. This program is designed to acquire contemporary works of art by any eligible Alberta artist.

Artist statement

The following is an excerpt of Michael Magnussen's artist statement. Read the full statement

This is part of an ongoing match series where I use the material of matches to speak to my identity as a flamboyant or flaming Queer person, often lighting the ornamental work while wearing it. This piece takes the same material but is inspired by a meme I saw during the pandemic. The work is an extension of that meme, and speaks a bit to vulnerability I was experiencing while also trying to express how threatening the virus felt to me at the time.

The work is open to interpretation though the hope is that people get a push and pull sense that there is a struggle between been protected and in danger at the same time.

Artist profile

Michael Magnussen is an artist/curator from rural Saskatchewan, who is based out of Edmonton, Alberta. They hold a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies at OCAD University, and a BFA from Concordia University in Studio Arts.

They have exhibited their work across Canada and internationally, notable exhibitions include, “Every. Now.Then: Reframing Nationhood” at the Art Gallery of Ontario, “An Index” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, “Wild” at the Textile Museum of Canada, and “Show. 17” at the Idea Exchange.

Michael is a collective member and co-founder of YTB Gallery based out of Toronto, Ontario.

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