Shumka presents Mosquito's Wedding

Date: May 8, 2018

Mosquito’s Wedding (All We Need Is Love) is a new production inspired by a traditional Ukrainian folk song.

The 50-minute family-focused dance theatre production will feature a number of insect characters from various “regions” of Ukraine. The dance lexicon, musical compositions, and sets, costumes and props will be associated with these ethnographic regions. The theme of the production is poignant, being one of acceptance, diversity, and overcoming stereotypes.  

Mosquito’s Wedding

Directed by Les Sereda, with consultation by John Pichlyk
Choreographers include Les Sereda, John Pichlyk, Tasha Orysiuk, Paul Olijnyk, and Joseph Hoffman
Music is by Andriy Shoost
with costumes by Anna Ipatieva and sets by Andrii Zlobin of Ukraine
Local designers Eli Lindenberger, Jeff Osterlin and Randall Fraser, are bringing their expertise in the area of projections, lighting and puppetry, respectively. 


October 5-6
2pm & 7pm
$15 - $35