Exhibition: Aisinnaa'kiiks

Date: May 31, 2018

St. Mary’s has become a place for Indigenous voices to be deeply heard. 

Located on the former Father Lacombe Home site, St. Mary’s University has embarked on a new journey – transforming the historic campus water tower into a unique art gallery and conversational space. In March, with Elder guidance, we came together to initiate conversations and to participate in a pipe ceremony. 

On June 7, an art exhibition inspired by these conversations will open to the public. In the words of one of the Elders, –“art brings the past to the present and guides the future.” The exhibition will run until September 30.

The title of our exhibit, Aisinna’kiiks, is a Blackfoot word which loosely translates to ‘artists’ but has multiple meanings. The exhibition is about inter-connectedness and parallels – junctures where we all come together to love, honour and respect the land as “caregivers” instead of “occupiers.” The artwork on display will focus on land, and will tell the story of the period pre-European contact.

The exhibition will feature talented, local artists from the Treaty 7 area who will utilize a range of mediums, from digital drawing to painting and photography, to share their stories.​

Artists​ involved are as follows: Bruno Canadien, Soloman Chiniquay, Kalum Teke Dan, Kristy North Peigan, Keegan Starlight, Alberta Rose W., and Smith Wright. 

We at St. Mary’s believe it is important to keep these stories alive.

StMU Website: www.stmu.ca/event/aisinnakiiks