Workshop: The Nitty-Gritty of Collagraph Printing

Date: Mar 22, 2024

Deadline: Apr 21, 2024 - 10:00 am

Instructor - Morgan Melenka
1 Day Workshop
April 21, 2024
10 am - 4 pm

Collagraph is a collage-based printing technique which encourages participants to make soft textural images.

This process is loose and responsive. In our workshop we will employ both dry and wet techniques to create imagery through textures. We will learn how to make collagraph imagery on plates, and how to ink, wipe, and print our collagraphs.

The instructor will cover: 

  • ​​​​The basics of how textured materials create tone
  • How to approach atmospheric imagery employing sandpaper, cutting, glue, vinyl, tape and fabric
  • How to ink plates with oil-based inks
  • How to print plates with an etching press​

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Class limited to 6 Participants
Adults 18+ Years Old

Instructor Bio:

Morgan Melenka is a visual artist based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary). She uses architectural forms and materials to engage with history and place, employing sculpture, installation and printmaking. She teaches visual art and is a scenic painter for film and television. She teaches printmaking at AU Arts and has taught at the University of Calgary, University of Alberta and NSCAD University.​
Instagram: @moth_mel