Wonders of the World - Festival City Winds Concert

Date: May 7, 2018

Explore Different Cultures through Sound
with Wonders of the World
Festival City Winds (Adult Concert Bands), under the direction of Artistic Director Wendy J. Grasdahl, invites you to “explore different cultures through sound” with its Wonders of the World concert on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 7:30 PM in the Robert Tegler Centre, Concordia University of Edmonton (7128 Ada Boulevard – 73 St. south of 112 Ave.).

The evening concert will feature all four Festival City Winds’ concert bands – Novice Band; Intermediate 2 Band; Intermediate 1 Band; Advanced Band – each performing their own selections. The bands will be conducted by Wendy J. Grasdahl, Dr. Eila Peterson, and Stephen Fong. There will be a reception following the concert as well as door prizes.
The evening’s programme takes the audience to various locales – real and mythical – throughout the world.

  • Experience South Africa with the anti-apartheid folk song Senzeni Na (arranged by Festival City Winds own Dr. Eila Peterson).
  • Take trips to both the Aegean Sea and Persia.
  • Travel Europe with a Suite of Old French Songs, a Fantasia on Lady of Spain, and a Slavonic Dance.
  • Explore Great Britain with songs of Welsh revolution, a trip to Perthshire County (Scotland), Carl Strommen’s Albion Sketches (Albion being ancient Greek for Great Britain), and the mythical time of Merlin with a colorful procession of magical and mythical characters and creatures:
    • wizards and witches;
    • jesters and jugglers;
    • magicians and minstrels;
    • gargoyles and goblins
    • all arriving in brightly decorated wagons drawn by unicorns in Robert Buckley’s Procession of the Sorcerers.

These are just some of the many different wonders and cultures of the world one will experience.

Tickets for Wonders of the World are $12 for Adults and $5 for Children (12 and under), and can be purchased at the door.