"Uncharted": A Digital Exhibition

Date: Jun 25, 2020

Watch: Uncharted

This virtual exhibition was curated by Ashley Slemming, through the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX) in partnership with the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie and the Alberta Society of Artists.

Curatorial Statement

Uncharted is a digital exhibition of artworks curated from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Collection in response to the novel coronavirus – COVID 19. ‘Novel’ meaning ‘new’ (and derived from the Latin word ‘novus’) is a word that aptly describes the times we have all been navigating these past few months, and that we continue to move forward in.

Right now, even the world’s most knowledgeable medical experts do not have clear answers as to how this pandemic is going to play out as time progresses. Politicians around the globe continue to struggle to find solutions for the economic and social challenges that the pandemic has presented. As a global collective we have entered into uncharted waters.

With so much still unknown there is much apprehension and frustration filling people’s lives. That being said, if one looks at the history books it is evident that art has been one of the largest saving graces during any significant global crisis. Art offers solace. It initiates creative and critical thinking around how to navigate new experiences. It activates resistance and rebellion. It delivers hope. The artworks featured in Uncharted, while not created in direct response to COVID 19, strongly exemplify the ways in which art responds to collective experience.

Featured artists include:

  • Dick Averns
  • DaveandJenn
  • April Dean
  • Gerry Dotto
  • Douglas Driediger
  • Shane Golby
  • Kablusiak
  • Audrey Mabee
  • Lesley Menzies
  • Holly Newman
  • Jeannette Northey
  • Violet Owen
  • Marigold Santos
  • Harry Savage
  • Peter Shostak
  • Robin Smith-Peck
  • Bella Totino-Busby

Uncharted is part of a larger exhibition at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie focused on community response to the pandemic, which is titled The Curve and is on view until September 28, 2020. 

You can also explore the images included in this digital exhibition on Instagram