Public art call to Canadian artists

Date: Feb 14, 2017

The Co-Located Dispatch and Emergency Operations Centre (CD-EOC) public art competition, open to professional artists or artist teams residing in Canada, is held in accordance with the City of Edmonton policy "Percent for Art to Provide and Encourage Art in Public Areas" (C458C). 

The Edmonton Arts Council Public Art Program, on behalf of the City of Edmonton, is seeking a professional artist or artist team to work creatively with the CD-EOC building team to explore the building scrim material as an art medium. 

Artists will have the opportunity to work with the material across the whole scale of the building.

The successful artist will be engaged through an interview process, and will work alongside the design team to prepare concepts prior to tender documents being completed in June 2017

The successful artist will explore the possibilities of the scrim material both conceptually and imaginatively.

Pre-exisitng images or straightforward graphic design will not be accepted.

$250,000.00 CAD (maximum, all inclusive)

Deadline for Submissions:
4:30 pm on Friday, March 03, 2017

Summer 2019

For more information, contact the Edmonton Arts Council: contact Robert Harpin via email or phone at (780) 424-2787 ext. 231

Download the full call to artists.