Local artist Todd Houseman chosen as a Top 30 Under 30

Date: Feb 19, 2021

Amiskwaci (Edmonton)-based artist and recent graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada Todd Houseman, 29, was selected as a 2021 Alberta Council for Global Cooperation (ACGC) Top 30 Under 30. Nominated by their communities and selected by a committee of peers, the annual Top 30 Under 30 campaign showcases the work of 30 outstanding Alberta and international youth working to make the world a more just, fair, and sustainable place for all.

Todd has been recognized for his contributions to addressing anti-Indigenous and xenophobic racism through performance advocacy. Growing up as an urban Indigenous youth disconnected from his community, his artistic and cultural facilitation works to amend these types of disconnects for those in similar situations. As co-creator of Folk Lordz, an improvisation and storytelling duo, a playwright, and actor, he strives to change the narratives of marginalized groups that still experience the harmful effects of colonialism today into narratives about resilience.

“I don’t do this work on my own – it’s work of which many generations before me have laid the foundations for,” says Todd.

With less than ten years left until the 2030 deadline of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, each 2021 Top 30 recipient was asked about the issues that need to be addressed now more than ever. In Todd’s words, “It’s time for racism on Turtle Island to come to an end. A legacy of injustice, fueled by colonialism has created a system designed to benefit from disparity, where violent actions against marginalized communities disguised as patriotism are rewarded, and where the pain of the historic, systematic eradication of my people has never ended. To ensure the safety of everyone on this land, the narrative must change.”

Todd’s full Top 30 profile can be found at https://top30under30.acgc.ca/project/todd-houseman/

The Top 30 Under 30 campaign is celebrating its 10th year in 2021.  The campaign is produced by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation (ACGC) as part of International Development Week celebrations (February 7-13, 2021). The 2021 Top 30 Under 30 is released online at https://top30under30.acgc.ca/ and across ACGC’s social media channels.

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