Intuitive Art Retreats...More Than Just Art

Date: May 23, 2022

Deadline: Jul 1, 2022 - 11:45 pm

Managing our lives in this ever-changing world may not be easy, however, by allowing our creativity to be more than just a pleasant past time we can truly extend our well-being.
Dalmane of Dalmane ART Shepherd has always been a creative. Performing and creative arts started at the young age of 12. Singing on the CFCN “Safety Round-Up” TV show and entertaining in a weekend family band was such a joy for Dalmane. She made jewelry and embroidered on jean jackets. She sketched, designed and cut hair  (by 17 she attained her Beautician License). Her repertoire of arts and crafts expanded as she sewed clothes for her children, decorated homes and make all her own gifts.

In addition to Dalmane's artistic focus was the need to self-develop and discover more about the unseen world around her. Interest in the esoteric began early on.  Her family didn’t understand her curiosity, but her mother bought her a Rider Waite Tarot Deck at age 15. By 20 she was taking workshops on meditation, dream analysis and aura/color drawings. She knew she could not deny her creativity or deny the fact that energy and intuition is a part of our lives.

As the pandemic lockdowns took place Dalmane was directed more deeply into her fine art skills. She imaged sharing her gifts and the joy she received when creating them. Long-time friend and Intuitive Artist, Analis, also believed in sharing her gfts with other like-minded individuals. As they talked about the possibility of planning such a retreat the energy around the idea came to life.

Analis and Dalmane want to create an experience that goes beyond art itself. Something life changing. Through meditation, intuition, unique techniques and finished products guests will take home much more. They will learn how to foster their inner creative and trust that it is a part of their holistic well-being. Awareness to our own abilities to create how we live our lives, how we live our future.

The retreat will take place July 8-10, 2022 at the Rocky Mountain House Historic Park and include 7 projects. Fluid Art on Tile, Rock Mandalas, Acrylic Intuitive Canvas and discovering more of your inner spirit through Tarot and Animal Totem readings.
The cost of the 3-day Intuitive Art Retreat is $775.00 up until June 15. From June 16-July 1st the cost is 850.00. Space is limited to 17, so register early. It includes all supplies, a 2-day admission to the Rocky Mountain House Historic Park, Snacks and beverages while at the event. For a more detailed outline and to register please contact Dalmane and Analis at 403-429-4223 and Also visit for additional information.