Imperial donated four artworks to AFA Collection

Date: Mar 24, 2017

To celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial, an estimated $6 million in artworks have been donated to Canadian museums and galleries from Imperial. The artwork donations include pieces by Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris, gifted to the National Gallery in Ottawa and the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, as well as four artworks donated to the AFA Collection.

The four artworks donated to the AFA are:

  • Barbara Ballachey (1949- )
    • View of Wave Ridge, 1982
  • Walter Drohan (1932-2007)
    • Bow River Escarpment, 1985
  • Anne Marie Schmid Esler
    • Untitled (Diptych)
  • Vivian Thierfelder (1949- )
    • Red Bartletts

Glenbow Museum, the Art Gallery of Alberta, Cold Lake Museum, Nickle Galleries and the Leduc #1 Discovery Centre also received artwork donations from Imperial.

Imperial has been collecting art for more than 70 years with the goal to support Canadian artists, contribute to Canadian culture, enhance the work environment for employees and provide public awareness of the visual arts. Learn more about the donation.

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