Cultivating Safe Spaces with Creativity WEBINAR

Date: Feb 8, 2024

Deadline: Mar 5, 2024 - 12:00 pm

A decolonial framework shared by Elaine Alec and facilitated by Geraldine Ysselstein with creative integrations

This webinar provides a framework and confidence for artists, arts professionals, creatives, change-makers, and innovators to cultivate a safe space within themselves in order to promote inclusion, connection, freedom, well-being, and validation for all. 

March 5, 2024 from 12-3pm MST

Using the Cultivating Safe Spaces framework, we will explore oneself AND oneself in relationship with family, community, and land.

The topics we will cover in this webinar include: 

  • Connect to your personal story and purpose and become a witness to the stories and purpose of those around you with love, patience, and intention. 
  • Validate your unique perspective in relationship with all perspectives including traditional, relationship, innovation, and action perspectives. 
  • Develop personal and shared agreements that support everyone’s well-being, inclusion, validation, and freedom. 

When we cultivate a safe space for ourselves, we can work towards cultivating a safe space for those around us. 

The Cultivating Safe Spaces framework is a decolonial framework that has been developed and shared in the Cultivating Safe Spaces (CSS) program ( by Elaine Alec who is a storyteller and facilitator from the Syilx and Secwepemc Nations. Elaine is CEO of Naqsmist (nux-meest), which translates into “many coming together as one,” and is the author of Calling My Spirit Back.

This webinar is facilitated by Geraldine Ysselstein who is a certified Cultivating Safe Spaces (CSS) facilitator. She was born on the land of her ancestors which is the Netherlands, is a settler on Turtle Island, and a Treaty 7 guest in Mohkinsstsis (Calgary). She has a lifetime of experiences in the arts as an arts manager, arts leadership educator, and now as a creative entrepreneur at her company called Riverstone ( where she facilitates, consults, and creates. Her purpose in offering the Cultivating Safe Spaces with Creativity webinar is to unstuck us from the status quo through care, curiosity, and creativity that gives us hope for change through imagination.

Supporting the content of the webinar will be creative integrations because:

  • Creativity is curious and disrupts the status quo.
  • Creativity provides our bodies with a pause to process new information. 
  • Creativity allows us to move into the most innovative and empathetic places in our brains.
  • Creativity allows us to express what we might have difficulty expressing verbally.

The content in this webinar may support you with:

  • Understanding the colonial context for why spaces, structures, and systems feel unsafe.
  • Developing a trauma-informed approach for engaging with yourself and those around you. 
  • Collaborating with clients, audience, peers, and community on a project, event, or program.
  • Making plans and decisions that are authentic, inclusive, and realistic. 

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