Call to artists who want an opportunity to present at schools or participate in blog interviews

Date: Feb 24, 2020

Author/Artist/Curator Alexis Marie Chute is collecting information for schools that want to bring in artists/photographers/writers/authors/filmmakers/sculptors/musicians/actors/directors/etc to speak and teach students about their craft. If you offer in-school programs and want to be included in the list—which will be distributed at teachers’ conventions across Alberta—please email with the following info:

Business Name:

Examples of programs: (Title(s) of workshops or presentations)

Creative mediums: (For example: clay sculpture, OR short story writing)

Age/Grade Target: (examples: grades 1—3, OR Junior High, or ages 10 through 12)

Fee range: $___ to $___

Serving Locations: (List geographical areas you will travel to for presentations/workshops)


Phone number:


ALSO, please send a picture to accompany the listing. This could be you in a school setting or an image of the artwork you make with students. The image really helps bring the listing to life.