Date: Mar 17, 2017

    On March 16, the Alberta government released details of Budget 2017. Funding for the AFA has been increased by $5 million this year, for a total of $31.6 million for 2017-18. These increased funds represent the government’s commitment to supporting Alberta’s arts community in spite of economic challenges caused by the steep decline in oil prices.

    The AFA Board will meet in the upcoming weeks to discuss the 2017-18 budget and affirm its spending plan.

    We are aware of the difficulties artists and arts organizations have had to weather during the past year and that there will be competing priorities for additional funding. The Board of Directors will carefully review these priorities and allocate additional funds through a responsive and balanced approach.

    We recognize that, while there are hopeful economic signs, the province still faces economic difficulties and uncertainty. We understand the government’s resources continue to be limited, and we are grateful for the recognition of the importance of the arts sector to Alberta’s diversified economy and Albertans’ quality of life. The AFA remains committed to supporting the development of the arts in Alberta, and we are proud to continue to work with and support the artists and arts organizations of our province.

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