AFA provides supplemental project funding Alberta Culture Days 2018

Date: Jul 20, 2018

The AFA is pleased to contribute to Alberta Culture Days 2018 and the national Culture Days movement by offering a one-time funding opportunity for Indigenous and Culturally Diverse* communities.

This funding opportunity can provide up to $2,500 in support for up to 20 projects led by Indigenous and Culturally Diverse communities for Alberta Culture Days 2018 (September 28-30). The deadline to apply was August 20, 2018.

The AFA seeks to increase participation by these groups in Alberta Culture Days by providing supplemental funding and by reducing barriers through a more flexible approach to funding. The intent of this project is to increase participation in Culture Days by individuals and organizations from Indigenous and Culturally Diverse communities from across the province to celebrate through arts and cultural activities.

A key AFA strategic priority is facilitating opportunities for Albertans to value and engage in the arts. This includes collaborating with, and providing information to, related agencies and institutions to promote the value of the arts in Alberta. Culture Days is a wonderful opportunity offered by the Government of Alberta for community organizations and individuals to participate in artistic and other celebratory activities. We value the goals of Culture Days and are pleased to be involved.

This initiative will contribute to the AFA’s ongoing assessment of the needs of Indigenous and Culturally Diverse communities. AFA staff members are available to assist potential applicants to apply.

* Culturally Diverse is a term used to identify racialized groups that correspond to “visible minorities” under the Employment Equity Act. These are individuals of African, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern or mixed heritage that includes at least one of these groups.