Work of the Week celebrates Black History Month

Date: Feb 7, 2022

February is Black History Month. It is an opportunity to showcase the vibrant culture and heritage of Black Albertans and celebrate their contributions every day. It is also a chance for everyone to learn about their history and stand up against racism.

Our Work of the Week, Searching for Freedom features a still-life of a painting on a canvas sitting on an easel in a studio that depicts a football player kneeling. Although the painting only features the player from the shoulders down, it is intended to portray Colin Kaepernick who began kneeling during the American national anthem before the start of National Football League (NFL) games in 2016 to protest against racial injustice and police bruatlity.

Artist Fetsum Teclemarium draws attention to Kaepernick's captivating gesture that started a movement. To this day, attention still needs to be drawn towards issues of equality and civil rights worldwide.

The artwork was featured at the Art Gallery of Alberta in 2021 in the Black Every Day exhibition. AFA acquired the thought-provoking artwork through the Art Acquisitions by Application program in 2021.

Prints are available for purchase through the artist’s website. 

Take part in a variety of Black History Month events to learn more about their rich culture, including dancing, poetry and drumming. Should you wish to promote events or exhibitions featuring black artists on the AFA’s website, submit a story to our News feed.

About the artist:

Fetsum Teclemarium depicts his paintings to communicate his cultural heritage and experience. His artworks express frustrations, anger, joy and beauty.

Art Acquistions by Application

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