Torn Seas Releases

Date: Mar 27, 2023

Torn Seas, a sci-fi 3D animated film created by Richard Boisvert, a local artist from Edmonton, is out now and available to watch for free on YouTube.

Torn Seas takes viewers on a journey with Maxim, Dawn, and the Corebots as they flee their home, pursued by the ruthless Novas.

Maxim is an idealistic Nova who, along with his people, yearns to resolve the corruption in his society—a corruption that has largely originated from the Corebots. Over time, however, he begins to see that his fellow Novas employ the very same concepts of unfairness and corruption to achieve their goals.

As tensions rise between the two groups, Maxim finds himself struggling to choose between his allegiance to his people and his dawning realization that the Corebots are not the boogeymen that the Novas have made them out to be.

About the artist

Richard has over 10 years of experience as a cinematic content creator in the video games industry, and Torn Seas is the culmination of his experience and creative vision.

It was created using an innovative approach to digital filmmaking, called Cinematic Design.

Richard was able to realize Torn Seas efficiently by using Unreal Engine and its tools to allow for the Cinematic Design workflow, and create a complex and multi-layered world.

The software's flexibility and powerful tools gave him the freedom to experiment and refine his process, leading to a unique and captivating final product.