Kaleido Family Arts Festival 2017 Callouts

Date: Jul 12, 2017

Kaleido Family Arts Festival 2017 is searching for Performers, Visual Artists, Musicians, Food Trucks, and Artisans! The festival happens in Edmonton AB, September 15-17th on 118 ave (Between 90-94 Streets).

Make a Street Lamppost Yours on 118 Ave

  • Fall In Love With Kaleido, and let your inner artist be inspired to create a 3D Lamppost installation in Deck Out A Lamppost!  

Pick Your Piece of Pavement and Create at Kaleido!

  • Think outside the box as a designer, sculptor, or creative, and create a 12x12x12 foot installation that will be displayed along 118ave (Between 90-94 Streets).

Sell Your Wares at Kaleido Festival!

  • Kaleido is inviting Artisans, & Craft and Prepared Food Vendors to sell your wares to more than 60,000 festival goers! 

Kaleido Family Art Festival Visual Gallery Submissions Are Open

  • Be part of arts and culture in Edmonton, AB! Submit your original visual artwork to be displayed and sold in our festival galleries. 

Last Call for Kaleido Performance Arts!

  • Kaleido welcomes arts & cultural experiences with multi-arts collaborative performances such as music, dance, theatre, film, literary and visual arts with performances on rooftops, sides of buildings, back alleys, parks and found spaces.

Feed Kaleido With Your Food Truck & Trailer

  • With over 60,000 festival goers and a variety of scheduling options, Kaleido Family Arts Festival is a great place to celebrate the excellent food you serve!
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