IWD 2023: Canada’s population of artists led by women

Date: Mar 7, 2023

IWD 2023: Canada’s population of artists led by women

On a day we celebrate the many amazing women in our communities, we focus on women in the arts.

What the numbers say

Most of the makers, entertainers, and creators in Canada, who spend more time practicing their art than any other occupation, are women.

A study of Canada’s 2021 census by Hill Strategies revealed that 54% of professional Canadian artists are women. While women make up 48% of the Canadian labour force, this statistic means that 1.1%, or one out of every 91 working women, is an artist.

The arts as a foundation for diversity

The arts can provide a platform for the talents, stories, and histories of the many unique individuals within our communities.

While we continue to work to improve representation in the arts, on International Women’s Day we remember and celebrate key figures in Alberta’s community, like:

For these and many, many more, we laud the artists that lead us with their dedication, who push our boundaries, and who show us life from an artist's point of view.

The AFA continues to support and celebrate the many women who help shape the arts community throughout Alberta and Canada, today and throughout the year.

About IWD

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on March 8 around the globe. IWD has been celebrated globally since 1911 and is an important day that highlights the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

In recognition of IWD we have highlighted a few events throughout the month of March that celebrate women in the arts.