AFA Pluralism policy: Request for proposals

Date: Jun 1, 2021

Deadline: Jul 2, 2021 - 4:00 pm


This opportunity is closed. We are leaving the link to this opportunity published until such time the AFA selects a successful vendor, in case any stakeholders wish to view the original procurement competition.

A Message from AFA Board Chair Mary Rozsa de Coquet

On May 11, the Board of Directors for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) has developed and passed a Pluralism policy, which is the next step in the AFA’s work towards supporting and encouraging the full and equal participation of all citizens in the arts in Alberta.

Today, I am pleased to share that the AFA is seeking expressions of interest from qualified organizations or individuals for a consultancy contract to analyze, research, report and make recommendations on the implementation of its Pluralism policy. The deadline to submit is July 2, 2021.

The Global Centre for Pluralism defines pluralism as recognizing, respecting, and valuing difference. The AFA has developed its Pluralism policy based on this definition. According to the Centre, pluralism is a positive response to diversity. Pluralism involves taking decisions and actions, as individuals and societies, which are grounded in respect for diversity.

In the AFA’s policy, pluralism is considered as an overarching philosophy that encompasses issues of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility. It is intended to be a cornerstone for all decision making for the AFA, and includes broad descriptions on how to apply a pluralism lens to ongoing management and development of the main areas of AFA business: grants/funding programs, the AFA Art Collection, and research and engagement activities.

With this policy in place, the AFA is taking immediate action by funding a contract with a consultant(s) to analyze, research, report and make recommendations to the board on the implementation of its Pluralism policy. Our intention is to make immediate, tangible updates and positive changes to our programs and services starting this fiscal year.


This opportunity closed on July 2, 2021. The AFA is leaving this link published until after the new consultant(s) is selected, in the case that interested stakeholders wish to view the original procurement competition. 

The AFA recognizes the severe economic and social impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had, especially on the arts community; however, the pandemic has also revealed an urgent need for societies to confront issues of injustice, inequality, and exclusion. This includes the arts sector.

When the pandemic passes and we can gather once again, the arts sector, along with the rest of society, will need to rebuild and relaunch. The AFA seeks to be well prepared to support the arts sector to rebuild in a more inclusive and accessible way, that is reflective of our diverse community, and that values and celebrates our differences.

I am pleased to share this policy passed with the full and unanimous support of the AFA Board. I would also like to especially acknowledge the work of Dr. Aleem Bharwani, who chairs our board’s Research and Engagement Committee, who has worked passionately on this initiative and whose expertise has helped lead us to this point today.

Our board looks forward with working with the successful applicant(s) to bring this policy to fruition. Please download the application package from our website:

We encourage all qualified organizations and individuals to apply. If you have any questions, please email them to

Update - The AFA received some questions about the request for proposals from a potentially interested vendor during the application period. In the interest of transparency and fair competition, we are sharing our responses with all vendors who may be interested in submitting a bid.

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