Date: Mar 25, 2024

Deadline: Aug 28, 2024 - 5:00 pm

September 7, 2023 - August 28, 2024

The exhibition ReconciliACTIONS reminds us that reconciliation is an ongoing process, a chain of care and repair, not a one-and-done event. Decolonizing our relationships with one another and drawing new pathways of understanding based on mutual respect is empowering for all of us.

Indigenous, settler, immigrant, and refugee alike all play an integral role in enacting reconciliation. Dominique (T8aminik) Rankin and Marie-Josée Tardif explain in the quote above that what matters most for everyone, regardless of beliefs, is that we free ourselves from suffering by learning to dance on the path that has not been burnt by the modern world.

We are being encouraged to rebuild balance and harmony into our lives together – a dance free of the shame, self-importance, greed, and noise of modern life.

These modern world attributes have clouded our ability to truly see each other, inhibiting the repair of our relationships, individually and collectively. We cannot move forward in reconciliation if we do not listen and dance with patience and vulnerability.

ReconciliACTIONS is an invitation to contemplate how we can show up with care in actively carrying reconciliation forward. All persons have agency to create ripples of change, and the Indigenous artists who are included in this exhibition are contributing to this change by educating the public and sharing their knowledge and experiences through their art.

As you look at each artwork, consider the artist, their experiences, and what message each artwork might be conveying. Consider how your own actions can be instruments of change in the ongoing process of reconciliation.

This exhibition features artworks by:

  • Madeline Belanger
  • Kalum Teke Dan
  • Delree Dumont
  • Michael Fatt
  • Em Forbes
  • Flora Johnson
  • Saila Kilabuk
  • Donna Langhorne
  • Christiana Latham
  • Aloysius Manybears
  • Shelley May
  • Tracey Metallic
  • Audra/Keevin Simeon-Rider
  • Tamara Shepherd
  • Gordon Wesley
  • Ryan Jason Allen Willert
  • Lana Whiskeyjack
  • Autumn Whiteway
  • Three youth artists from Stardale Women’s Group – Kory, Jaylena, and Mazzy

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