Date: Mar 25, 2024

Deadline: Aug 28, 2024 - 5:00 pm

Land Eater - A Travelling Exhibition of Artworks by Jude Griebel

September 7, 2023 - August 28, 2024

Jude Griebel’s solo exhibition Land Eater invites reflection on human interactions with land and our impact on natural ecologies. While the art conceptually explores consumption and degradation, each work invites whimsical and open-ended curiosity about how we define land and our relationship to it.

There is uncanny tension present in Griebel’s anthropomorphized landscapes and protesting-insect sculptures, which prompt important questions regarding who is truly holding the proverbial “talking stick” in our current conversations around climate change and consumerism. If the various organisms we share Earth with are bearing signs of resistance, what specifically is at the root of their dissent? If the land is speaking to us, what is it saying?

How do we respond in turn? Each of the artworks in Land Eater contemplates incredibly complicated and nuanced relationships that humans are currently navigating related to environmental stewardship.

The questions raised within these works allow viewers to speculate on possibilities and encourage curiosity about what the future may hold — not just for humans, but for all natural organisms and the living Earth.

Curated by Ashley Slemming

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