Date: Mar 1, 2024

A Message from AFA Board Chair Paul R. Baay

On February 29, the Alberta government announced Budget 2024. I am pleased to share that funding for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) was increased by $4.5 million, or by 18 percent from last year, to $30.1 million for 2024-25.

In addition to this year’s increase, the government has committed to incrementally increasing funding to the AFA so that it will reach nearly $40 million by 2026.

The AFA board is incredibly pleased with the government’s increased investment in the arts, and I know this will be good news for those in our arts community. We look forward to utilizing additional resources to continue to support the development of the arts in all corners of the province by funding artists, arts activities that engage audiences, and the organizations that bring them together. 

As usual, the AFA board will work on a plan for allocating its budget amongst our programs and services that will best utilize resources including the budget increase. Once that plan is approved, we will communicate our funding approach to the community. At this time, the AFA has not made any decisions related to program funding allocations.

The AFA board will work to ensure our spending plan is reflective of community priorities and continues to be informed by engagement with the sector. In line with our mandate, we will continue to prioritize and invest in artists, art, and cultural materials. 

As the government’s approach is incremental, the AFA’s will be as well: we will carefully and responsibly plan for increased resources as they are allocated to the foundation.

The board acknowledges the valuable feedback received from Alberta’s arts community over the past year. Alberta’s arts community is ready to thrive, not just survive, in a healthy and vibrant creative environment. Increased investment will help but we also recognize that collaboration and information sharing will be vital to support the sector to redefine success in a post-pandemic world.

We appreciate your continued engagement and look forward to sharing further updates with you soon.

Paul Baay
Chair, Alberta Foundation for the Arts 

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