Take part in art & celebrate 30 years of the AFA!

Date: Sep 6, 2021

Artworks by Chris Cran and Dr. Joane Cardinal-Schubert, from the Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Photo by Neil Lazaruk.​

A Message from AFA Board Chair Mary Rozsa de Coquet

For 30 years, the AFA has encouraged and developed the arts in Alberta, and now we are using this milestone to recognize the importance of the arts and the significant benefits they provide.

Join the AFA in recognizing its 30th Anniversary and the annual Month of the Artist by celebrating our local artists and arts organizations. Share your experiences through social media by tagging the AFA and using the hashtag #TakePartInArt.

The AFA is committed to continuing to support the recovery of the arts sector because when the arts thrive, Alberta is a better place to live, invest and do business. Whether you are attending in-person events or participating virtually with local digital content, help us let the arts community know that their work is valued and appreciated.

Alberta’s arts are a reflection of the communities in which they are created. Our arts scene is unique because it belongs to us.

Locally produced artworks and art events are creative expressions inspired from the lived experiences of that community. They are also an embodiment of the partnerships and hard work needed to make the arts come alive in each instance, in each community.

They are an economic driver. They bring beauty and joy. They can improve health outcomes. They are a conduit for education, and for knowledge passed down from elder to youth and emerging artists eager to learn.

And, the arts for everyone. The AFA is taking action, including enacting our Pluralism arts policy, to affect change so that all Albertans have the opportunity to take part in art. Learn more about what the AFA is doing to enhance pluralism in the sector, and stay tuned for further announcements.

The arts can inspire… but only if take the time to seek them out, participate and engage. That’s why we are encouraging you to take time this September to #takepartinart, either digitally or in-person or both. The AFA will do its best to share and amplify your experiences.

The AFA will be there to support our arts community – now, and for the next 30 years (at least!).

Mary Rozsa de Coquet, Chair

Contact the Chair at afacontact@gov.ab.ca