A pluralistic vision of society recognizes, respects and values our differences. It encourages us to share and create together, and it makes space for everyone to have a voice.

The arts hold tremendous power to create positive change. The AFA believes in the full and equal participation of all citizens, and intends to apply this belief to its policies and programs in two distinct ways: in the arts and through the arts.

Read the AFA's Pluralism policy

What is pluralism?

Pluralism is defined as recognizing, respecting, and valuing difference (per the Global Centre for Pluralism).

The AFA sees pluralism as a productive response to diversity and, in its approach, the AFA ensures anti-oppression considerations are included in its pluralism lens. This means confronting all forms of oppression:

  • racism
  • sexism
  • ableism
  • ageism
  • and more…

The AFA’s definition of pluralism also recognizes the sovereign rights of Indigenous Peoples as the most essential expression of true pluralism.

Learn more

A list of resources has been compiled to help our arts community learn more and better understand the universal ideas that connect us.

What does the policy do?

In this policy, pluralism is considered as an overarching philosophy that encompasses issues of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility. It articulates the key role of pluralism as a driver of dialogue, sense of belonging, trust, and innovation in Alberta.

The objectives of the AFA’s Pluralism policy are to:

  • Advance equity, diversity, inclusion, and access by committing to pluralism in the arts.
  • Promote dialogue, understanding and vibrancy by committing to a pluralist Alberta through the arts.
  • Guide the implementation of the Pluralism Policy by the AFA.

How will the AFA implement the policy?

The AFA is integrating pluralism principles into its governance and strategic planning, and will ensure diverse voices and perspectives at its tables. It is also incorporating the driving principles of the pluralism policy into the business areas of the AFA, its programs and service delivery. 

What's New?

Watch this space to learn about new initiatives and/or any changes to AFA programs and services.

The AFA has approved an updated and expanded version of the AFA Pluralism Policy based on engagement feedback conducted on the foundation's behalf by Parados Social Marketing.

The updated policy elaborates on how the AFA's approach to pluralism embraces an anti-oppression lens in order to apply the core values of recognizing, respecting and valuing difference.

  • read about the diverse project team that was contracted to provide recommendations on how to implement the policy
  • information provided by the consultants is being used to develop the next AFA strategic plan and the subsequent initiatives

Funding opportunity

The 2022 cycle of the AFA’s Organization Activation Projects grant program will focus on fostering pluralism in the arts and through the arts. 

Through this program, eligible organizations can apply for funding to support:

  • activities that support culturally-diverse arts practices and participation by historically underserved communities
  • activities that result in strategies and programs to enhance participation by a wider social demographic within the arts sector in Alberta.

Organizations can apply for up to $20,000 for a project, or a partnership of two or more organizations can apply for up to $50,000 for a project. The deadline to apply is December 1, 2022.