Zoominescence 2018

Date: May 16, 2018

Calling all creatives! We are currently seeking organizations or individuals (local artists, architects, designers) with a passion for the arts and the environment to share their vision with the local community. We invite anyone with an artistic vision to design  an exhibit for the festival.

This December, Zoominescence, hosted by the Valley Zoo Development Society, will stage a spectacular exhibition of artistic light installations within the unique setting of the Edmonton Valley Zoo. The festival’s vision is to celebrate light, artistry, imagination and the strong spirit of our community in the winter. It will run for a 17 day period every December weekend plus the 26th and 27th. We are inviting imaginative people to come and be a part of the festival by creating art in the form of light installations that all of Edmonton can enjoy!

The themes of the competition are “the VZDS’s 30th Anniversary and/or Renewable Energy”. Individuals or teams are able to work with different light materials, ice sculptures or any other creative ideas to design a winter light themed exhibit that either:

  • celebrates the Valley Zoo Development’s Society’s 30th year of supporting the Edmonton Valley Zoo, and/or
  • showcases renewable or alternative energy methods in its construction.

Keep in mind, many of these exhibits will also include the stars of the Edmonton Valley Zoo themselves, the animals!

For more information, and to find the full appliaction  go to our website www.buildingourzoo.com/events/zoominescence.

Deadline to submit: July 15.

Thank you!