Work of the Week: Of Wicker

Date: Mar 27, 2018

The Work of the Week for March 26 - April 2, 2018  is Of Wicker by Marigold Santos.

This delicately detailed monochromatic painting by Marigold Santos was included in an exhibition entitled Invisible Mother, hosted by Stride Gallery in March 2016. The body of work in the exhibition highlighted one of her central characters, Asuang or Aswang, a shape-shifting vampire-like, mythological character, often featured in Filipino folktales. The artist shares the following about the series of artworks:

Invisible Mother is an exploration of the Filipino folkloric character Asuang, who possesses an exceptional ability to sever limbs from the waist up. Asuang embodies multiple selves fighting to negotiate it's inherent plurality, and becomes a body that traverses the first between the desire for stability and the actual self that is constantly split and dissected. Bodies become environments and landscapes , which come together to dissect a body reconfigured and monstrosities.  These narratives conjure the "self" that is neither fixed nor stable, and celebrate multiplicity and hybridity.

The painting was also exhibited in the anniversary exhibition curated by Mary-Beth Laviolette, Generations: 50 Years of Art at the University of Calgary, Nickle Galleries in the fall of 2016.

You can learn more about Marigold Santos through her website.

Throughout March 2018, we featured artwork acquired in 2017 from the Art Acquisitions by Application (AAA) program. See an overview of all artwork acquired in 2017 through AAA. AAA is designed to acquire contemporary works of art by any eligible Alberta artist. The annual deadline is April 1st. View application guidelines.

The AFA collection acquired this work from the artist’s representative gallery through AAA. The artist is represented in the AFA collection with one additional painting, acquired through the AAA in 2016. Artworks by the artist are available to view on the AFA Virtual Museum:

AFA Virtual Museum