Work of the Week: Post Box by Kaos 17th Avenue Dec ‘98

Date: Oct 4, 2017

Happy Monday! The Work of the Week is Post Box by Kaos 17th Avenue Dec ‘98 by Zoe Hardy.

Zoe's artist's statement about this work:

“This series of work is the result of my fascination with street tags, the ambiguous signatures that street writers use to mark their place in the urban landscape. Although the tags are clearly identifying marks, they remain anonymous and largely unreadable to the public outside the street writer’s culture. As an outsider looking at these signs their meaning is slippery but they evoke a subversive language that is intriguing in its ambiguity, mystery and often beautiful form.

I am interested in how a relocation of these rebel signs within a traditionally feminine art form would impact our reading of them, how would they change when reproduced completely out of context, from the street to a gallery, from felt marker on metal and concrete grounds to silk thread on silk grounds?

The works are reproduced from photographs I have taken from streets and alleys in several Canadian cities. I redraw them on fabrics so that I can use the traditionally feminine art forms, embroidery and quilting, that my chosen processes for art making at present. All of the embroidery is hand done with silk thread on either silk or linen cloth. The title of each piece honours the time and location where the ephemeral original pieces were found.” 

This piece was featured in  an exhibition at the Glenbow Museum called Eye of the Needle. The exhibition ran October 7, 2017 – May 13, 2018, and was curated by Mary Beth Laviolette.