Work of the Week: The Dresser (Leona Brausen)

Date: Mar 27, 2017

Happy World Theatre Day! The Work of the Week for March 27-31, 2017 is The Dresser (Leona Brausen) by Debra Bachman. 

Theatre-goers may recognize Leona Brausen, an Edmonton-based, Sterling award winning costume designer (and actress, playwright, and improviser), from various theatre programs collected over the years. This piece represents more than just a likeness of a prominent member of the theatre community, however. In Debra's own words:

This portrait explores the fugitive nature of reality. […] Interwoven and eroded layers and her costuming suggest separate time periods, honoring her as a link and participant in the long history of the theatre.

Read Debra's full artist's statement on the Alberta Society of Artists' website.

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