Work of the Week: "Continuing Cold Spell" by Kate More

Date: Jan 17, 2020

    This week’s Work of the Week is Continuing Cold Spell by Kate More.

    This is an apt artwork for a week that saw most of the province in a deep freeze. In fact, Edmonton was one of the coldest places on Earth, reaching a bone-chilling -46 degrees (with the wind chill)! Brrrr! The good news is this cold spell is set to ease this weekend.

    About the Artist: Kate More

    Kate More is a central Alberta-based artist.

    She is drawn to all aspects of the environment and landscape around her, from still-lifes of native plants and flowers, to scenes of the mountains, foothills and parkland country she enjoys exploring.

    In her artist statement, More talks about the impact nature has on her work: 

    "I am constantly awed by the beauty and power of nature, and consider myself blessed to feel so moved by what I see. Unfortunately, more and more I find myself faced with thoughtless destruction, and I worry about the great loss. In my paintings, I try to combine my love of the landscape with my passion for painting and hope that the viewer will feel compelled to care about preserving and celebrating the beauty of our environment."

    Kate More 

    AFA Virtual Museum