Work of the Week: "Cloud Shrouded Mountains" by Esther How

Date: Jun 5, 2020

This week’s Work of the Week is Esther How’s Cloud Shrouded Mountains.

An understated watercolour in Chinese ink, this painting takes us out of our homes and raises us high above the clouds to look down upon the mountain tops. This artwork invokes the sublime – leaving the viewer in awe of the vastness of nature.

About the Artist: Esther How (1925-2016)

Born Kwai Shin Yue in Hong Kong in 1925, Esther How learned the Chinese calligraphy, which formed the basic brush stroke technique for her early landscape paintings. After training to become a teacher, she briefly taught physical education to elementary and high school students before working as an administrator for the Ministry of Health.

Upon marrying Canadian tourist Roy How in 1950, she moved to her husband’s home town of Taber, Alberta, although they continued to travel the world. As her children became independent, How expanded her fine arts education of basic design, copper tooling, and ceramics. After the couple moved to Lethbridge in the late 1970’s, How studied Chinese watercolour painting at Lethbridge Community College (1977 – 1981), the Karwah Private Art School and Gallery in Toronto (1981), and the Woo May Private Art School in Edmonton (1982). She then returned to Lethbridge Community College (1983) to study oil painting, flower arrangement, paper tole, soft sculpture, English calligraphy, and photography.

Her work is held in collections in Alberta, British Columbia, and the United States.

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